Roxanne Lim is a Filmmaker Poet Producer Artist

"Renaissance Roxy," is a third-generation Filipina-American from New York City. Her hybrid storytelling style combines journalistic skill with elements of film, poetry, and photography. She strives to empower and uplift audiences by creating art out of the human experience.


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Sad Girlz Luv Money

sunday scaries and seasonal depression

Nov 28, 2021

Some days I wake up craving the quiet, looking forward to rest from the overstimulation of being a person with things to do in a city that requires you to always be doing.

Some days, like today, I get what I asked for. But rather than sit in that stillness I had sought after, I realize a restlessness eating away at me instead.

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Who is Jen Bkyln?

Director, Producer, Writer

In Fall 2017, I began a 3-month journey where I interviewed local media personality, JenBKLYN, about her life as one of the few Asian-American women in the hip-hop and entertainment industry.

I directed and produced a mini-documentary out of this content and submitted to ConnectHer’s Girls Impact the World Film Festival. The project **won Best Film Production** in Spring 2018.

Tribeca Film Festival


I edited a teaser commercial from found footage for all contending shows in Tribeca TV Festival 2019.

It was broadcast via the official Tribeca Instagram and at the event premiere.

Claudia Kishi Club

Production Assistant

I had the opportunity to be the NYC Production Assistant for Sue Ding’s crowdfunded documentary, Claudia Kishi Club. The film is a love letter to Claudia Kishi, the iconic Asian American character from The Baby-Sitters Club.
I took behind-the-scenes photos of authors Ann M. Martin and David Levithan, as well as interviewing BSC fans at BookCon.

J. Crew x NY Mag

Assistant Director

Assistant Director for J. Crew x NY Mag collaboration highlighting stories of change-makers creating a more inclusive future in their industries. This production won a Webby Award for the Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle category.

With Dream but don’t Sleep

On the Riddim


Edited 2 episodes of VP Records’ talk show, On The Riddim, sharing the latest trends and topics in Caribbean music and pop culture.

Def Jam

Production Assistant

Assisted on-set for live events, including Pusha T’s Daytona and Amir Obe’s Chapter 2 release parties.

With Dream but don’t Sleep

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Easily Offended

Production Assistant

Assisted on set for 10 episodes of visual podcast, Easily Offended. Tasks included social media management, livestreaming, equipment set-up, sound recording, and camera work.

With Dream but don’t Sleep

The 5th platoon reunion x tableturns anniversary


Interviewed key guests and worked alongside DP for coverage of the event.